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Muri Clay Everyday is Muri's brand and freelance project. The wide range of work, includes everyday-ware, unique products, conceptual objects and installations; all are handcrafted. Muri Clay Everyday offers also services, in the form of: wheel thrown production, prototyping, and custom made tableware for restaurants and cafes. Muri lives and works in Nexø, on the island of Bornholm, Denmark.


Alexandru Murar


Born in 1986, in Deva, Romania.




2014 - 2017  BA, Ceramic Design, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Architecture, Design & Conservation, Bornholm, Denmark

2005 - 2009  BA, Landscape Design, Banat University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, Timisoara, Romania

2001 - 2005  Sigismund Toduta High School for Music and Arts, Architecture and Design, Deva, Romania




2019  International Cluj Ceramics Biennale - Cluj-Napoca, Romania

2019  Design March - Adorno Design - Reykjavik Art Museum, Reykjavik, Iceland

2019  In the middle of the sea - Island Crafts, Åland, Finland

2018  Adorno design - London Design Fair at Tent. London, United Kingdom

2018  Adorno's Now Nordic - Chart Art Fair at Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art, Copenhagen, Denmark

2018  European Ceramic Context 2018 Open Call exhibition at Grønbechs Gård, Hasle, Denmark

2018  Keramisk hviskeleg at Charlotte Thorup - Ceramics studio, Svaneke, Denmark

2018  Ny Bornholmsk Værkstedskeramik at Hjorts Fabrik - Bornholm Ceramics Museum. Rønne Denmark

2018  Bornholms Censurerede Forårsudstilling at Svanekegården. Svaneke, Denmark

2018  ACAB's 2018 yearly exhibition at Grønbechs Gård. Hasle, Denmark

2018  Te til to. at Hjorths Fabrik - Bornholm Ceramics Museum. Rønne Denmark

2018  Elements, graduation show at Gallery Claus C. Copenhagen, Denmark

2017  London Design Fair at Tent. London, United Kingdom

2017  Elements, graduation show at CLAY Ceramics museum. Middelfart, Denmark

2017  Elements, graduation show at Bornholm Art museum. Gudhjem, Denmark

2017  The Autonomous Art Object at KADK Library. Copenhagen, Denmark

2016  Bornholms Censurerede Forårsudstilling at Svanekegården. Svaneke, Denmark

2015  Design school's 1st year exhibition at Grønbechs Gård. Hasle, Denmark

2014  Kulturmaskinen Udstilling 72 Havet. at Filosoffen. Odense, Denmark




2019  Artist in residency at KADK Design School Bornholm

2018  Workshop/Masterclass teaching at the Design School Bornholm

2018  Collaboration with professional chef Daniel Kruse – Læsø Jomfruhummerfestival, Nexø, Denmark

2018  Collaboration with Den Danske Keramikfabrik - Wheel thrown production, Nexø, Denmark

2017  Member of ACAB – Arts and Crafts Association Bornholm, Denmark

2016  Internship at Hjorths Fabrik Bornholm Ceramics Museum - Rønne, Denmark

2016  Internship at Bodil Brandt - Production and Product Development, Snogebæk, Denmark

2015  Apprenticeship at Lov i Listed - Wheel thrown production, Listed, Denmark