donut teapots 2015-2020

The Donut teapot is a product entirely made by hand. Its body, spout, the handle and the filling hole are individually thrown on the potter's wheel and then assembled. Originally inspired by the industrially produced enamel kitchenware from the last century, the Donut recycles qualities from the metal work into ceramics material; it is a composite of iconic shapes which aim to evoke nostalgia and to produce a retro aura around the product. On the other hand, the glazes and the cork lid used as a contrasting material, make the Donut teapot an exclusive modern item that renders many layers of meaning. Donut is a functional design product, a handcrafted item and a sculpture at the same time. Its architectonic look, humor, and the complexity of the form have a strong appeal to the customer. As perception is challenged, an instant communication is established between the user and the teapot.


No two Donuts are the same, due to the free-hand throwing production method. Their sizes and shapes vary slightly and makes every single teapot unique. They come with a wide variety of glazes, from mat to glossy, from lighter to darker colors and this gives the product a high potential to become a collectible item.